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Panchavaktra Power at a glance..

Panchavaktra Power is a subsidiary unit of Panchavaktra Holdings which has diversified business interests across the world. We have multi-industry companies engaged in different businesses. Panchavaktra Power is a industry leader in Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency segment and plans to commission 5 GW of Solar in next five year time. We are also coming out with State of Art Silicon Ingots to Solar Module Manufacturing covering entire value chain of converting sand into Solar PV modules and will create industry benchmark. We provide solutions which allows businesses to reduce peak energy demand, shift energy consumption profiles, and participate in available grid markets. Panchavaktra Power also offers turn-key, fully integrated Renewable energy solutions (Solar,Wind), Electrical solutions (LT & HT side), Lighting solutions, Energy efficiency solutions including Energy Audits.

Panchavaktra Power is the subsidiary unit of Panchavaktra Holdings which is entering the private equity market with a strong team of technical and investment experts. The goal of our private equity segment is to help businesses achieve their ambitions for growth by providing them with finance, strategic advice and information at every stage of their development. We also aim to improve the performance of companies and allow the development of new technologies and their applications.

Panchavaktra Power also offers a wide range of services in various industry segments. Our Services focus on sustainable developments and energy efficient solutions. The demand for high quality and energy efficient products and services at a lower price is on the rise and Panchavaktra aims at meeting the challenge with innovative and Quality solutions with cost saving capabilities.


1) ISO 9000iso

Panchavaktra Power Limited is a ISO 9000 certified company.

2) ISO 14000

Panchavaktra Power Limited is a ISO 14000 certified company.


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